MPs throw eggs at Kosovo PM Isa Mustafa

Angry Self-determination party MPs threw eggs at the Kosovo Prime Minister, Isa Mustafa, on Tuesday, while he was defending the latest agreement reached with Belgrade.

Kosovo’s prime minister has been pelted with eggs during an address to parliament. During a speech Prime Minister Isa Mustafa, several opposition lawmakers suddenly stood and began throwing eggs at him.

Mustafa’s bodyguard rushed to shield him with an umbrella. The opposition in Kosovo, which is mainly ethnic Albanian, is angry over a deal brokered by the European Union last month giving Kosovo’s Serb minority more rights over local spending and education as well as access to funding from Belgrade.

Before he was interrupted, Mustafa defended the deal, saying the newly created Association of Serb Municipalities would not have executive powers. His opponents say the move threatens to deepen an ethnic divide in Kosovo and have announced protests.

MPs from the nationalist Self-determination movement erupted during the Prime Minister’s speech when he said that the recent agreement complied with Kosovo’s constitution.

“Whose constitution – Serbia’s?” the MPs shouted as they started to throw eggs in the direction of Mustafa.

Mustafa left parliament soon afterwards. The speaker of parliament, Kadri Veseli, interrupted the session by calling for a break.

“Today’s behaviour by the opposition does not contribute to our country moving forward,” Ismet Beqiri, an MP from the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, said.

Glauk Konjufca, a Self-determination MP, defended their action, however. “We wanted to express our great concern about the agreement … with Belgrade,” singling out the agreement on the formation of an Association of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo with wide-ranging powers.

The opposition parties claim the Association of Serbian Municipalities will have much the same powers as the Serbian dominated entity in Bosnia, Republika Srpska, which many see as a state within a state. Threats by the RS to secede from Bosnia has raised fears that Kosovo could face a similar prospect.

Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008, almost a decade after NATO intervened with air strikes to drive out Serbian forces.

Based on reporting by Reuters

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