STOP Drilling Oil In The Amazon

Climate health depends on keeping the oil in the ground in the Amazon and if the world really wants to avoid climate disaster, oil drilling in the Amazon MUST END. The oil industry must STOP destroying the Amazon simply for short-term economic gains.

In May 2014, Ecuador’s government rejected a petition calling for abandoning plans for drilling in the area, saying the organisers had failed to get enough signatures to call for a national referendum. Later in the month, Ecuador signed permits for oil drilling in a 6,500-square-mile area of Yasuni National Park, a UNESCO site and one of the most bio-diverse hotspots on the planet; oil production might begin as soon as 2016.

In June, 2014, a study confirmed oil drilling had contaminated Western Amazon rainforest as companies dumped their drilling waste into open pits or directly into rivers and streams.

This girl pleads for change: “Ecuador is not going to get out of poverty just because they come and drill for oil in the Amazon. Equador is going to lose the only rainforest that we have left. It’s going to destroy cultures, the environment, and kill plants and animals…That’s not getting out of poverty. If you look at those places where they are drilling oil, those are the regions most people are living with terrible health conditions, and no education; those are the regions most poor”.

Will you wait for the disaster to happen, or will you do your bit to make the climate healthier? Share this video and join her call for change.

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